Friday, August 26, 2016

Farm boy new flyer

Farm boy new flyer August 25 rural farm boy, the son of Flyer Get the latest weekly newsletter. In addition, the farm boy to test coupons and special offers.

Rural markets of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa-based regional center. Such as fresh fruit and vegetables, mature, dairy, delicatessen, organic foods, meat, fish and ready for some products, like (collectively, without additives or destruction) of the rural market. Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, the son of rural areas in Canada.

In December 1981, Colette and Jean-Louis Bellemare E Cornwall opened the first son of a farm boy weekly flyer kingston on Cumberland Street in Ontario. At that time, a modest 300 square. Ft. We only sell products trade. The second son of a farm in Cornwall brother Normand Bellemare was opened in February 1983rd
Fresh food products, including its own brand line of rural, mature, organic food, dairy, delicatessen, meat, fish (usually without additives or destroying) the sale of certain products prepared for the Ottawa-based regional supermarket chain in eastern Ontario. Store in Cornwall, Ontario, for the first time with the company, was launched in December 1981.

The main mobilizes day on the farm, so that the rural way of shopping flyer. The current slogan: "The food is all about." In a sign can be found on the farm of its stores

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