Sunday, September 18, 2016

Boston pizza menu aldergrove

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Boston Pizza in Edmonton, Alberta, August 12, 1964, the Greek immigrant opened when Gus Agioritis Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House began. By 1970, Boston Pizza 17 locations in Western Canada, 15 which were Franchises.

First Franchisee Jim Treliving A, Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer. In 1968, he found the popularity of Boston Pizza and Penticton, British Columbia, bought the rights to open a restaurant. When Penticton George Melville, an accountant charter. He in 1973, four years Treliving business consultant, and business partner was Treliving. More than 10 years, he has opened restaurants in British Columbia 16.

Boston, US and Mexican version of Boston Pizza franchise is. In 1998, the American headquarters in Dallas, Texas was established. Boston Gourmet Pizza Boston Pizza name was changed to. Boston in the United States more than 30 stores and four of Mexico.

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