Wednesday, October 5, 2016

familiprix flyer nb

Familiprik independent Familiprix flyer nb pharmacy chain in Quebec Familiprik pharmacy for your flyer Familiprik Familiprik and find a store near you.

Familiprik Flyer Special October 6 to 12, is the first to get the latest flyer Familiprik! 0 + 1 normal viev portrait start date: Nov 6, 2016 end date.

Familiprik the Canadian Pharmacists independent since 2012 Familiprik comprised of 320 drug stores with more than $ 1 billion in retail network Familiprik employs more than 5,000 people and covers all of Quebec and part of Nev Brunsvick pharmacy. flags at the space into three categories: commercial and specialty clinics Familiprik 29 largest companies in the top 500 list of Quebec and among the 150 most respected companies in Quebec.

Familiprik primary mission is to be the pharmacy area of Deals ​​outstanding importance to the expertise and frontline health services in the community.

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